Facebook Spammers and How to Avoid them.

Facebook users spend more time on managing their accounts .That’s why spammers and scammers are happy to take advantage of Facebook’s  Timeline feature and they are spreading  more and more scams there.

How  Facebook are Managing this Spammers?

Facebook says fighting spam is “a top priority”.  And also Facebook has  large team of investigators to tackle the spammers. The company has sued spammers successfully, winning $2 billion in judgments, and has added new security features, along with advice for users on how to protect against spam.

How to Avoid  and Prevent Getting Trapped from these kind Facebook scams

The best anti-spam tool is user awareness.  You have to be very careful in Social networks when doing any activities.

First review your privacy settings in your Facebook account. If you let anybody find you, anybody’s going to find you. When it gets into friends of friends, anything can happen.

Beyond that, be careful what you download, and check out Facebook’s security pages.

You should have proper knowledge on what you should and shouldn’t install on your machine solves 99 percent of this.

How  To Remove those Spam, Scam Posts from your Facebook Timeline posted by Apps and Pages

Step 1: NEVER click ‘like’ on a scam page and App

Don’t click Like the page  or app if it looks something strange or too interesting(Like Wrestlers Death Hoax) specially for curious users.

Step 2: Okay, you clicked ‘like’ now here’s how to get rid of  that:

To Remove Facebook Pages

If you have just clicked the like, but realize it’s a scam, immediately go to that page Unlike the page.

  1. To Remove or delete the page, Go to your Facebook Timeline profile and click the likes box (below cover photo and near in the Friends box)
  2. You will get all you liked pages list like below screenshot. Then click the page you want to remove, go to that page and unlike it.

To remove Facebook Apps like scam

  1. Just click the https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=applications link and go to your apps setting page.
  2. Click the edit link in the app you want to remove. You will get pop up message like below screenshot, the click remove button to remove the app from you Facebook account
  3. If you still can’t remove those scam Facebook apps, then navigate to Privacy settings and block that app by entering the app name there in the block apps section.
  4. If you don’t know the app name and that app still posting the stories in the Timeline on behalf of you means, then you have only one option left. That is When you hover the cursor in the Facebook (spam) post in the Timeline, one drop down arrow will be appear in top of that Timeline post that you want to delete or report. Just click that menu and hit ‘Report story or spam‘. After that you will get the link like If this story is abusive, please file a report.

Then Click file a report link , you will get a popup

Then choose the best option that fits for you and submit the report.

If you keep getting spam post from the same hidden app then, repeat the fourth step for every posts that app posted in your timeline.


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