How much does Google know about you?

Google are the owner of android operating system and many online softwares that we use. Youtube, gmail, adsense, adwords and many more.

But have you wondered why google know almost everything about you? Its not magical its just so simple to track whatever you are doing online.

From the video you watch, the apps you use and everything else you do online with your phone or computer.

Google has rolled out a new My Activity page that shows a searchable history of pretty much everything you do online, including previously visited websites, voice searches, searched things and places, watched Netflix programs, and all activities you did on each of its products.

The feature is beneficial for those who want more granular control over how ads work across all their devices linked with Google account and gives them the ability to block some ads they don’t want to see.

For example, if an ad for mobile phone haunts you across the web, you can kill that ad from everywhere, all at once, rather than going device by device.

The feature also offers you an option to delete items as well — everything in a particular date range or by specific topics.

You can adjust your settings in the Privacy Checkup. You can change your settings for ultimate privacy, depending on how much of your online activity you allow Google to track.

You can even suspend web and application activity tracking for My Activity, but that could impact the features like autocomplete suggestions.

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