12 Hidden Features of Facebook Messenger

1.          You don’t actually need a Facebook account to use Messenger.

2.          Android, multiple people can login into Messenger at once.
In Messenger’s settings on Android, an “Accounts” option lets you add multiple accounts in one app — which is ideal if you want to share your phone with someone else.

3.          Messenger.com is a great way to use the app on the web without logging into Facebook.

4.          Messenger hides messages from people it thinks you don’t know? You can find them all in the hidden “Requests” inbox.

5.          Messenger can also make group audio calls. (Up to 50 people).

6.          You can send someone an audio recording.

7.          Customize the look of a conversation by changing the group name, participants’ nicknames, and the chat colors. (Tap on a name or group to get started).

8.               Mute the conversation. (tap the name of the person or group you’re messaging at the top of the screen and then tap “Notifications.”)


9.          Send or request money in Messenger by linking your bank account. (We don’t have it in our country yet but soon it will be).

10.      Lets you share your phone’s location with friends.

11.      Video call on Messenger. But it just got more better you can only view someone when chatting without talking to him/her.

12.      Playing games has been so wonderful on Facebook. Send basketball emoji then tap on the message Or you can play chess by typing @fbchess




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