How To Block Websites At Home and In the Office.

There are several options available for blocking a website, consider one of the below options depending on your needs.

Tip: The list below was created in the order of what we recommend the most and only the main ones are explained in details.

Blocking a website on a router
Block a website using Family safety
Blocking a website in Windows
Blocking a website using software
Blocking a website in a browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE)

Block a website using Family safety

Note: Blocking a site using these steps only blocks the website on one computer. Any other computer, phone, or tablet connected to your computer will be able to access the site you’re blocking.

The new versions of Windows include a Family Safety feature that enables parents to set up usage rules, allowing them to control which websites their children view. If you’re running Windows 7 or 8, open Family Safety from either the Windows Start Menu or Start Screen by typing “family” and then clicking on the Family Safety shortcut that should appear.

When open you’ll have a screen that resembles the example below which gives you access to web filtering, time limits, logs, as well as the type of games that can be played.

Block a website on a router

Most home networks today have a network router for sharing an Internet connection between multiple devices and can even block websites. We recommend blocking a website through a router because it can be password protected to prevent the block from being bypassed and because it will block a website on all devices. Blocking on the router can prevent your children from accessing a page (e.g. Facebook) from the computer as well as any cell phone or tablet connected to your home network.

To block a website on a router connect to the home network router, typically this is done by opening a browser and visiting the default router address:

After connecting to the router, block a website through one of the below features. Unfortunately, every router setup is different so you’ll need to find one of the below settings for your manufacturer of the router. Generally one of these options will be available under a “Security”, “Parental control”, “Firewall” tab or button.

  • URL Filter – Some routers may have a URL filter section, which allows you to enter the URL for each website you want to block.
  • Parental controls – New and more advanced routers have a section dedicated to parental controls, which gives you not only the option to block websites but also specify the times the Internet can be accessed.
  • Firewall – Finally, if neither of the above options is available the router should offer some type of filtering through the Firewall router settings.

Note: Although blocking a website on the router is one of the best ways to prevent access to websites. A child could still connect to a neighbors network if it is left open or over the data plan (e.g. 4G). If you seen any open networks in your range try to educate your neighbors about the security vulnerabilities of leaving a network open.

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