Small Business Digital Marketing


  1. Website:

I am going to assume most of my readers know what a website is but for someone who is new to the internet I will describe it briefly here. What you are reading right now is a website. To create one for your business you will need someone to design it (which requires graphics and computer coding) as well as someone to host your website (in essence where it will be stored so that people on the internet can always access it).

People now spend more time on the internet then watching TV. The internet is the number one place people go to find information on products and services. If you do not have a website it is like not having a sign on the front a retail store. No it is even worse. A website is like having an online sales professional working for your business 24/7. Websites are also so inexpensive you will probably pay back your website costs in 3-6 months.

  1. Email Marketing:

Again I am sure most people know what this is but there are still people who are not aware that email can be used for marketing your business. If you are one of these people that is okay. How most companies use email to market their products or services by sending newsletters or automated marketing emails that are triggered by certain actions (ie when prospects go to a certain page on your website or abandon their shopping cart on your website). Within the newsletters are provided useful information to the reader so that they want to continue to read your emails. This keeps your company top of mind for when they are ready to buy. Occasionally companies will also provide specials or offers within their newsletters. Within the automated marketing emails are messages specific to the action that was taken.

  1. Facebook page and Group:

Facebook is the number 1 social media site where friends connect, interact with each other and stay in touch. A Facebook page is a place on Facebook where you can basically create a mini webpage for your business within the walls of Facebook. This mini webpage works very similar to your Facebook profile (if you have one and know what that is). On your Facebook page for your business you can also add additional applications to add additional functionality. A group page is very similar but instead of being for a business it is for a group of people that have a common interest. A great way to take advantage of groups is to create a group that is relevant to your business. An example would be a baseball players group if you sell baseball gloves.

  1. Google Places Page

A page that is assigned to your businesses address within Google maps. On this page can be your contact information, website address, and hours of operation for your business, pictures, videos and even electronic coupons. Again this is a no cost marketing vehicle that you only need to set up once. It might take you 1 hour to set up and then you have it forever.

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